Bird + Bay is all about gifting and telling stories. When we give a gift or bring something into our home, we want it to have meaning. Sometimes, that is in the form of a shared experience, an inside joke or intimate knowledge of the recipient and choosing something that speaks to them. Other times, the story is in the item itself - in its design, origin, creation or purpose. You are giving the item and its usefulness, but also the gift of a story.

That might be the item's creator, and their experience, how and where it is made. The ingredients or materials, and where they come from, also tell a story. Our favourite stories are about who the purchase supports, both directly and indirectly. 

Fiona Partridge launched Bird + Bay online in 2020, bringing her own take on curating gifts and lifestyle. With a background as a finance manager, Fiona has worked behind the scenes in many small businesses and non-profits but wanted to create a business where she could have a more creative influence. 

Most importantly though, Fiona wanted her own business to have a strong sense of kindness, connection and community values. 

We are online, and we are here in Melbourne's South East - we are so proud to have opened our store in Patterson Village, Bentleigh. There's nothing quite like seeing, feeling and smelling the beautiful wares we have collected and having a chat with our passionate founder. We look forward to meeting you and helping you find the perfect gift, for yourself or for your kin.