Woodfolk believes in honesty, compassion and being kind to our environment. We work in harmony with both natural materials and communities in need to create beautiful pieces for everyday wear, and that bring warmth and creativity into our homes. 

Woodfolk products are proudly designed in Australia by jeweller and designer Julia Denes, and handmade in collaboration with Nepali artisans, throughout Nepal. With 10 years of experience in the Fine Jewellery industry, Julia brings her passion, knowledge and skill to bring to life each beautiful piece. Made for the Globally Conscious Woman, each piece is simple, yet effortless, comfortable to wear and soft to touch.

Woodfolk Philosophy


Woodfolk is committed to working and collaborating with small family-run businesses as well as Women focused organisations, creating opportunity, self-determination, support and hope in these communities through social entrepreneurship.  By supporting with trade, not aid, the positive impact is sustainable.


Our relationships are built on trust, equality, fair trade and our long term goal is to bring meaningful change to their lives, as well as demonstrating a fairer alternative to businesses seeking trade with third world communities. Woodfolk is a proud member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand.


Woodfolk Artisans


Our craftspeople in Nepal foster master skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. We pride ourselves on encouraging these skills and traditional methods in order to create our uniquely beautiful and quality made products, while simultaneously preserving these authentic art forms.

We work very closely with a Newar family in Nepal to hand make our Wood pieces. According to UNESCO, the craftsmanship of the Newars is one of the most highly-developed in the world.

Our natural scarves, bags and cotton gift pouches are handmade by a women’s co-op in Kathmandu Valley. The women we work with develop skills and a sense of entrepreneurship, creating independence, a primary or secondary income to support their families, and a strong sense of self-worth.

The income our artisans generate working with Woodfolk, is enabling them to slowly change their socio-economic position. 

Why Nepal

What drew us to Nepal was its high quality, generations old artisan skills that have become underutilised. Because of its lack of natural resources, production in Nepal is more expensive than other countries like China, India, and Bangladesh. As a result those with artisan skills are unlikely to use them on a day to day basis. By specifically creating products out of wood, textiles and ceramics, we can help preserve and pass on these rich art forms.


Woodfolk Materials

Core to Woodfolk’s ethos is its commitment to the environment. Our items are created exclusively using Wood, Ceramic, Cotton and Linen all sustainable materials that nature has provided us. These materials go through the cycle with us, and when no longer needed, can be recycled.

The type of Wood we use is Sisoo wood which is part of the Rosewood family. Sisoo is local to Nepal, fast growing and plantation grown. Being among the finest general-use timbers in South Asia, it is commonly used for high grade furniture and marine-grade plywood.

All Woodfolk pieces are packaged in our 100% cotton pouches that have been handmade by a wonderful women’s organisation in Nepal. We also use 100% recycled paper, and traditional ink and hand pressed stamps for all of our branding and packaging.