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Glass artist and earring connoisseur Samantha Abbott handcrafts beautiful one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces at her studio in Nicholson, in the East Gippsland region of Victoria. A variety of different techniques are used to make the glass, different temperatures are used to manipulate a combination of crushed and sheet glass to achieve different colours and effects. You could say that every design has its own recipe.

Samantha's work is inspired by Australia's magnificent landscapes, including the coastal views of Phillip Island where she grew up and the bush which now surrounds her in Nicholson. Her ever-changing range features designs such as Spring Fling and Crystal Silver, as well as seasonal ranges - all special and collectable being personally handcrafted by Samantha herself and presented on her signature Australian timber boards (studs) or in beautiful gift boxes (necklaces and drop earrings). 

"I desire to share a lifetime of learning to create little wearable artworks from glass and I thrive on the giving that this inspires, I love to see people buy a pair for themselves and a pair to give away... the thrill of colour is the same for us all.


"When I make something in a particular colour that is unusual or not fashionable, I never look at it and say 'oh well someone will buy it'. I always set out with a plan, with an outfit in mind or a colour combination and I kind of make it with a particular person in mind. I might cart it around for a year but when the person it was made for comes along and the attraction is instant, I really feel like I did make it for them."   SAMANTHA ABBOTT