Who doesn’t love Bingo? With a modern twist on this classic game, discover all about animal poos!

The beautifully illustrated board and cards feature 24 different animals and their poo shapes. As in the classic game, the object of the game is to fill up your game card using the counters provided. The winner is the first one to mark all their animal poos on their game card. As Poo Bingo Game unfolds you will learn about explosive poos, sparkly poos, green poos, square poos and more.

Some of the featured animals include snail, sloth, wombat, penguin, dinosaur and bear poo - this game has it all!  An accompanying information booklet on animal poo facts adds an educational element to this fun family game and will surely delight whether old or young.

Poo Bingo Game contains:

  • Illustrated Game Board
  • 150 Counters
  • 48 Chips
  • 8 Double-sided Game Cards
  • A poo Booklet

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