124mm x 177mm greeting card printed in Adelaide on luxurious 340gsm white eggshell paper for a beautiful writing experience.

Blank on the inside for your own message. Perfect to keep on hand for a card emergency.

Generous, inclusive and welcoming. She is a fabulous friend who brings people together. Her home is full of love and laughter.

It is always easy to compliment friends for their appearance, but a compliment about something deeper is so much more meaningful. Remind your people why they are special and how much you appreciate them. And give yourself the reminder too, you’re amazing!

The Girls Weekend Collection was inspired by the amazing women I know. All beautiful, unique and special to me, and all in different colours, shapes and sizes. They are a celebration of the joy of being a woman and the collective power and energy that comes when we recognise that who we are is so much more important than how we look.

“I love the way you bring people together. You make life a fun adventure”


If you'd like Bird + Bay to send just this card straight to your friend or loved one, simply fill in the message you'd like us to write in the order notes and use code CARDONLY at the checkout for free shipping. Code is only valid to be used for a card with nothing else to be shipped with it.

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