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Well in a nutshell, Honestly is here to bring you good, clean, fun skin care. Because they believe every mum deserves to feel confident she’s taking care of her family the best way she can.

Honestly was founded by Adele from her own experience of becoming a mum. Her journey wasn’t a smooth one (is it ever?) and she wanted to make it easier for other mums who may also have suffered from post-natal depression or experienced difficulties with their child’s skin or sleep.

Adele started by creating what she wanted to use but couldn’t find on the market for her own daughter: natural wholesome products that were enjoyable to use, affordable and that really worked!

Being a scientist gave Adele the skills to research the safest and most soothing ingredients. Then further training as an aromatherapist helped her to find the best essential oils to make the products naturally effective. As a mum she knew one of the best ingredients to add would be some fun, which is why Honestly products are uniquely designed to give a little pleasure to the endless routines!

Adele's experience of motherhood has shown her that mums have enough to worry about so she wanted Honestly products to take away some of that worry. That’s why you don’t need a science degree to understand what’s in their products and you can trust they’ve been researched, are safe for your child and they actually work.

"It took me many months (aka years!) to find my feet as a mum. I can’t change my experience but I can make it better for someone else. All I’ve ever wanted to achieve with Honestly was to improve some other mum’s life."